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  Five of our specialities:
  • aligning innovation with strategy,
  • improving international trade,
  • buy collaborate make,
  • reducing time to cash,
  • vision led strategy

Aligning Innovation with Business Strategy Improving International Trade Developing a Buy - Collaborate - Make Strategy Reducing Time to Cash Delivering a robust vison-led strategy
In a world of rapid change, which half of your innovation and technology costs do not support your business strategy? How do you choose the best markets to sell to - or buy from; those with best future value potential? How do you ensure your people use the best available product, process, and systems technology obtained in the best way?

How many times do you find yourself with the profitable ideas but numerous delays before they can make money?

How do you ensure that your business strategies are robust when the future is so uncertain?

How do you optimise your business strategy for your future business? How do you prioritise between US or EU; Portugal, poland, Hong Kong or Guangzhou; China, Russia, India, or Brazil? How do you ensure that time to market is minimised so that income begins as early as possible? How do you identify and prioritise those areas with most potential and overcome the likely barriers to success? How do you engage your divisions in developing corporate goals
How do you align the efforts of your innovators, operations, strategists, sales force and technologists? How do you optimise offshore sourcing to maintain competitiveness? How do you ensure that your products appeal, and are available, to as wide a market as possible? How do you ensure that your reward systems are geared to your money chain ? How do you ensure that your business divisions really do support the overall business?

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