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  Innovation for leadership, operational excellence, customer intimacy.
  Our world is constantly creating opportunities for the bold and threats to the complacent.

Innovation, learning from continuous small-scale experimentation and rapid organisation-wide rollout of likely winners, is the principal way to gain advantage in the face of external change.

However, there are systemic cultural and infrastructure barriers that weaken innovation efforts; "more" or "new" do not always mean "better".

  Innovation can be managed as a process with goals and performance metrics but requires strategic intent, cultural receptiveness, and the resources to do the experimentation, assess the costs and benefits, and to deploy the change.

The process requires intelligence input on the likely future behaviour of competitors, customers, suppliers, and complementers; it requires a detailed understanding of the organisation's current and future capabilities and appetite for risk; and it needs to bind together the activities of the relevant organisational parts at key times through open and sensitive communication. It also needs in-built mechanisms for learning so that each cycle leads to increased capacity and reduced cycle time.

Can we spice up your innovation by reviving your Strategy, Process, Intelligence and Ideation, Capability and Communication, Execution?

Innovation can be focused on improvements in one or more of the three key performance dimensions - technology and product leadership, operational excellence, and customer intimacy.

Innovation is often most effective when developed as a multi-disciplinary effort in a framework of Organisational Learning as espoused by Peter Senge et al - mental models, personal mastery, systems thinking, team learning, and visionary leadership.

  Like invention, innovation is hard work. Initiation may come from the top but, without consistent and persistent support over a significant period of time, all change processes usually fail. Understanding the organisation's appetite for risk is crucial.
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