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Noone should try to go alone any more; making the right partnering choices is vital for business health.

Always look for the value effectiveness by outsourcing tasks rather than applying - and retaining 24/7 - in-house expertise.

Even the largest corporation learns faster by pooling the knowledge of experts .

Following Coase's principles, we believe collaboration of excellent partners is the most efficient way to create more for less cost.

Vecta Consulting - Vecta5 - is different.

We deliver better value-effectiveness - more for less - whether more function, in less time or less cost to our clients by making a "virtue of virtuality" to minimise overheads while bringing together teams of experienced consultants.

We build on tried and tested methodologies, enriched with leading edge thinking, to solve your toughest business and technology problems.

Associate Partner
Contract Partner
Staff Partner
Our Clients provide us with challenging business or technology issues and problems for us to solve and, of course, the cash to solve them. Our Associate Partners provide "best in class" expertise to ensure that our teams remain up to date with the latest strategic, operational and technology thinking. Our Contract Partners are the engine room of our teams. They help us deliver real value to our clients.

Our Staff Partners oversee quality, client value, and team learning on all our assignments.

Take a look at some of our web pages to see where our thinking overlaps your challenges. Take a look at some of our thoughtpiece pages to see where you can add value to our offering. Take a look at the sectors in which we operate to see how you can help us. Take a look at what we offer, decide how you can help us grow while setting high standards of client and partner value.
Then talk to us. Then talk to us. Then talk to us. Then talk to us.

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